Emmy-award winning TV Host

As her parents would describe her, Jobeth is the “Babaeng walang pahinga” which translates in Tagalog as the “girl who keeps on going.”

She’s a visionary, a storyteller, a culture connector, world traveler, Tahitian dancer, golf nut and dog lover 

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Hawaii's Lifestyle Host

"Devera’s infectious personality and relationships in the local community make her a great choice for hosting HI Now. She is a multi-talented individual with great heart, genuine energy and passion for what we hope to achieve."

- Rick Blangiardi
General Manager, Hawaii News Now

Dancer & Traveler

Jobeth's love for the islands, its culture and dance blossomed at a young age. Most of her days growing up were spent in the dance studio or on a stage entertaining a crowd with her Hula, Tahitian and Philippine Folk dance skills. She has traveled and competed at events across the globe, including the Heiva in Tahiti in 2012.

Broadcast Television

Jobeth's diverse background in broadcast television began in 2011 and has brought her to tell amazing stories in CA, NE and HI. When she’s not working hard bringing viewers local headlines, breaking news and in-depth storytelling, you can find her at the beach with her dog, Koba.

The Inside Scoop

Affable. Authentic. Ambitious. That’s how Jobeth’s family and friends would describe her. But of course, she is more than that…

After her parents immigrated to America from the Philippines, Jobeth grew up as a Navy Baby in San Diego, CA and could never seem to sit still! Just ask her parents, who would often tell others she’s the “Babaeng walang pahinga” — which loosely translates in Tagalog as “the girl who keeps on going.” 

Rarely did you see Jobeth locked up in the house. At 8 years old, she enrolled herself in dance classes specializing in Hula, Tahitian and Philippine Folk. When she wasn’t in school and running for student council, Jobeth would be traveling across cities to perform and compete on different stages. But that’s not all… Jobeth loves sports and also picked up basketball and softball, so her days were always filled with classes, practices, games and events… even into college.

In 2011, Jobeth graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a minor Public Relations. Shortly after, she began her journey in broadcast journalism – saying goodbye to the West Coast and hello to the Midwest.

Before jumping in front of the camera, Jobeth decided to pick up producing and worked the grueling Midnight to 9AM shift at KHGI-TV in the small town of Kearney, NE. A few months later, she transitioned into the role of multimedia journalist (MMJ) where she shot, edited and wrote all of her stories before having to present them live during the newscasts. Jobeth then moved on to become the morning Traffic Anchor/Reporter at the #1 ABC-affiliate in the country at the time, KETV in Omaha, NE. 

While she enjoyed the Midwest hospitality, it was time for Jobeth to “keep on going” and in 2016 made the move across the Pacific to the Aloha State. She joined the Hawaii News Now (KGMB/KHNL) ‘ohana and covered a wide-range of stories from hurricanes to President Barack Obama’s final run in the White House, to the historic homecoming of Hokule’a — the famous super-cool Polynesian voyaging canoe after its 3-year worldwide journey sailing the seas using only the stars and sun.

In early 2018, Jobeth decided to step away from the daily grind of news and was given the opportunity to help launch a new lifestyle show called HI Now (Hawaii Now). This is where her creative beast really shined. Jobeth took on the role as host/producer/director and revolutionized the way people viewed storytelling – with high-quality editing and a whole lot of personality! She swam with sharks, went skydiving (twice in one day), got a new tattoo on live TV and even had her own boba drink named after her.

HI Now also won Jobeth her first Emmy Award!

In early 2020, another opportunity came knocking on the door, this time on a national scale with the NBC family. Jobeth said A Hui Hou (until we meet again) to the islands and made the move to Dallas, TX where she helped launch a new national network and news program called NBC LX — all in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Jobeth has been the face of some of the biggest stories to come out of 2020 like the Black Lives Matter protests over the death of George Floyd, the Presidential Election and the progress of the pandemic itself.

She’s also interviewed celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Kevin James, Elizabeth Moss, Margaret Cho, Darren Criss, Brian Baumgartner and Grammy-Award winning group Pentatonix.

When Jobeth isn’t on screen… she’s busy being a full-time mom (her most favorite role in life). You can also catch her on the golf course as the next Tigress Woods in training (kidding.. kind of).

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