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Storyteller, visionary, social influencer. TV personality, Tahitian dancer, dog lover & world traveler. Connect with Jobeth and discover more about Hawaii’s lifestyle host.

Hawaii's Lifestyle Host

"Devera’s infectious personality and relationships in the local community make her a great choice for hosting HI Now. She is a multi-talented individual with great heart, genuine energy and passion for what we hope to achieve."

- Rick Blangiardi
General Manager, Hawaii News Now

Dancer & Traveler

Jobeth's love for the islands, its culture and dance blossomed at a young age. Most of her days growing up were spent in the dance studio or on a stage entertaining a crowd with her Hula, Tahitian and Philippine Folk dance skills. She has traveled and competed at events across the globe, including the Heiva in Tahiti in 2012.

Broadcast Television

Jobeth's diverse background in broadcast television began in 2011 and has brought her to tell amazing stories in CA, NE and HI. When she’s not working hard bringing viewers local headlines, breaking news and in-depth storytelling, you can find her at the beach with her dog, Koba.

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HI Now TV Host - Jobeth Devera

The Inside Scoops on Jobeth

Affable, compassionate and ambitious. This is how Jobeth’s family and friends would describe her. But of course, she is more than that…

Jobeth was born in Long Beach, CA but grew up in San Diego, where her dad was stationed with the US Navy. She is the youngest of 3.

Staying active has always been a part of her lifestyle. At the age of 8, Jobeth enrolled herself in Hula, Tahitian and Philippine Folk dance classes and quickly fell in love with the stage and entertaining crowds. Jobeth also played various sports growing up including basketball and softball and today, you will still see her performing and competing in Tahitian dance across many stages with her group, Ma’ohi Nui.

In 2011, Jobeth graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s in Communication and Public Relations. Shortly after, she began her journey in broadcast journalism — saying goodbye to the coast and hello to the Midwest.

After nearly four years in Nebraska, learning the ropes and climbing the ranks — fulfilling roles as producer, multimedia journalist (MMJ), reporter and anchor — Jobeth made a move to the Aloha state. 

She joined the Hawaii News Now team in 2016 as a reporter and went on to cover monumental stories like former President Barack Obama’s final run in the White House and the homecoming of Hokule’a after its 3-year worldwide voyage.

In early 2018, Jobeth transitioned into the host/producer of HI Now (pronounced “Hawaii Now”) and helped launch a new lifestyle content program that would revolutionize the way people viewed advertising. 

In Jobeth’s eyes, this was a critical move in order to unleash her creative abilities and tell stories in a different light. After only one year on air, Jobeth and her team at HI Now were nominated for an Emmy in 2019.

And this is only the beginning….

So stay tuned, ride the wave and connect with Jobeth to learn more about Hawaii’s lifestyle host.

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