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Hawaii's Lifestyle Host

"Devera’s infectious personality and relationships in the local community make her a great choice for hosting HI Now. She is a multi-talented individual with great heart, genuine energy and passion for what we hope to achieve."

- Rick Blangiardi
General Manager, Hawaii News Now

Dancer & Traveler

Jobeth's love for the islands, its culture and dance blossomed at a young age. Most of her days growing up were spent in the dance studio or on a stage entertaining a crowd with her Hula, Tahitian and Philippine Folk dance skills. She has traveled and competed at events across the globe, including the Heiva in Tahiti in 2012.

Broadcast Television

Jobeth's diverse background in broadcast television began in 2011 and has brought her to tell amazing stories in CA, NE and HI. When she’s not working hard bringing viewers local headlines, breaking news and in-depth storytelling, you can find her at the beach with her dog, Koba.

The Inside Scoop

Jobeth is a woman of remarkable qualities, described by her family and friends as affable, authentic, and ambitious.

Born into an immigrant family from the Philippines, she spent her formative years in San Diego, California, earning the nickname “Babaeng walang pahinga,” or “the girl who keeps on going.” Restlessness seemed to be her constant companion, as she delved into diverse pursuits from an early age. She pursued dance classes specializing in Hula, Tahitian, and Philippine Folk, while also being active in school and running for student council. Not confined to the indoors, she ventured into sports, taking up basketball and softball, ensuring her days were always brimming with classes, practices, games, and events. Even during her college years at San Diego State University, Jobeth continued her journey, earning a degree in Communications and Public Relations.

Jobeth’s career in broadcast journalism began with a move to the Midwest. She worked as a producer and multimedia journalist, producing, shooting, editing, and presenting her stories. Her journey took her from Kearney, Nebraska, to becoming the morning Traffic Anchor/Reporter at the top-rated ABC-affiliate in the country at the time, KETV, in Omaha. Seeking new horizons, Jobeth then relocated to Hawaii in 2016, where she joined Hawaii News Now and covered a wide range of stories, from natural disasters to historic moments.

In 2018, Jobeth’s creative talents flourished when she helped launch the lifestyle show HI Now. She served as the host, producer, and director, introducing a new perspective on storytelling. This venture resulted in Jobeth winning her first Emmy Award. Jobeth’s career continued to ascend when she joined the NBC family in 2020, helping launch a national network and news program called NBC LX, amidst the challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Her journey took her to the forefront of some of the most significant stories of the year, including the Black Lives Matter protests, the Presidential Election, and the ongoing pandemic. 

In the summer of 2023, Jobeth took the opportunity to land back in the Golden State and joined NBC’s “California Live” lifestyle show. With her infectious energy and genuine passion for exploring the best of California, she has become a beloved figure on the show where she highlights the diversity of the state, from hidden gems to vibrant events.

Beyond her thriving career in media, Jobeth’s most cherished role is being a full-time mom. She also loves golfing and boasts an extensive background in cultural dancing, specializing in Tahitian and Philippine Folk Dance.

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